Simple Tips to Becoming a More Organised Person

Are you the type of person who misplaces their glasses, forgets to do tasks or fails to pay bills on time because you simply forgot? Well, you would almost certainly benefit from improving your organisational skills. And that is the great thing, you can improve this, no one is a lost cause. Being more organised in all aspects of life has many benefits, especially in regards to your health. You will be less stressed, become more productive and have improved relationships. Check out our simple tips below on how to become a more organised person.

Don’t procrastinate

Delaying doing stuff is the biggest enemy to becoming an organised person. “I’ll do it later/tomorrow” or “it can wait” are sayings and thoughts that you need to remove from your mind. Do tasks when they are required and this will help you avoid a pile-up of tasks that will accumulate over a period of time. Procrastinating not only makes it harder in the long term, but the effort you will put in when in a rush will result in lower quality work.

Keep a to-do list

Whether this is on paper (I find I remember things better if I write them down as opposed to typing them), or on a to-do list app on your phone or computer, keeping a to-do list around you at all times will remind you of what tasks need to be completed, and will hold you accountable if you fail to do so. There are no excuses when you do so.

Create schedules

Use a calendar to input important meetings or tasks for your upcoming day and week. Not only will creating a schedule give you a better idea of how to plan your time, but it will also help you develop into a more punctual and organised person. By becoming aware of time constraints and upcoming engagements, you will be more conscious of your time and therefore learn to remove or avoid things that could cause you to deviate from this throughout your day – say an impromptu gossip session with one of your colleagues. 

There are many techniques to consider or apps to use to create schedules that will eventually lead you to be a more organised person. Mobile apps such as Todoist and Evernote, and office software like Pronestor’s conference room scheduling software, are all examples of modern developments to help you create and stick to schedules.

Delegate your work

Many disorganised people are so because they have too much work on their plate. The employee that just cannot say no to their boss sliding in an extra presentation to prepare while they’re deep into one currently, or the freelancer who has taken on too many clients and is struggling to meet the deadlines they’ve said yes to – these are just some examples of what can cause someone to become disorganised. Consider delegating your work to colleagues or outsourcing work to freelancers while you focus on the higher-level work.